Workshops for policy makers


The purpose of this project is to deliver interactive workshops and material with scientific researchers providing policymakers with an understanding of the scientific process, methodology and terminology, as well as giving them advice on how best to communicate their requirements and formulate their questions to scientists.

Proposed Workshop Structure;

An introduction to science in the UK, with a particular emphasis on the processes, methodology and terminology used, as well as how the various scientific bodies are interlinked, funded and governed.

Guest panellists; each representing a science-generating body (such as a university, company or Learned Society) provide a detailed overview of how their body operates and what – in their view – the challenges are, in particular with regard to communicating their work to policy-makers.  The panellists will advise on how best to communicate with scientists and their scientific peers, and provide ‘hints and tips’ useful for policy-makers in their interactions with scientists: e.g. how to formulate queries, interpret data, and understand the timeframes and pressures which scientists work under.

Discussion; Participants will be given the opportunity to question the panellists on science policy issues and how the science-into-policy process can be improved. This includes ways in which information about scientific processes can be more effectively presented to them by scientific bodies and how scientists can provide information in a format that is more user-friendly for the policy-making audience.

If you are interested in taking part in these workshops please contact us by emailing Dr Michael Elves.