The Vision

The Vision

A Scientific Vision for the 21st Century

At its launch on 16th October 2006, Newton’s Apple published a collection of essays by some of the UK’s most eminent and innovative science writers, with the aim to identify a scientific vision for the 21st century. People from widely different fields of expertise, age groups and perspectives were invited to contribute, all sharing a passion for science and a belief in the central role it plays in society.


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Edited by James Kingland

  • Introduction: Scientists and politicians united – Dr Ian Gibson MP
  • A world-class science base: Emulating Uncle Sam – Sir Richard Sykes
  • Global collaboration: Putting our money where our mouth is – Professor Calestous Juma and Dr Monica Darnbrough
  • Research and development: Less hot air, more white heat – Dr David Lawrence
  • Education: Learning to love science – Becky Parker
  • Out-of-classroom experiences: Learning in the real world – Dr Frances MacGuire
  • Passion for science: A view from the lab bench – Dr Emma East, Richard Foxton and Branwen Hide
  • Cancer research: The challenges of personalised medicine – Professor Fran Balkwill and Dr Melanie Lee
  • Climate change: Good science, bad policy? – Sir Crispin Tickell
  • Space: The greater the obstacle, the greater the glory – Professor Colin Pillinger
  • Talking to the public: Lessons scientists need to learn – Professor Derek Burke and Professor Michael Elves
  • Media scares: Where are all the science journalists? – Dr Ben Goldacre
  • Conclusions: A Vision – Mia Nybrant