Stakeholder Consultations

To aid in the development of reports, Newton’s Apple often puts out calls for evidence which are open to all. Results from consultation exercises are analysed by an Advisory Working Group and the objective is to incorporate constructive, evidence-based recommendations into the final report of the project. The consultation exercise is usually part of a wider stakeholder consultation event…

Previous Consultations

“Feeding the World – the impact of regulations on agricultural research and farming practice.  Help or Hinderance.”

A Foresight Report in 2011 – Global Food and Farming Futures” – highlighted the challenges of meeting the increasing pressures on global food supply between now and 2050. It highlighted the decisions that policy makers need to make today, and in the years ahead, to ensure that a rising global population can be fed sustainably and equitably. It made a compelling case for urgent action to redesign the global food system to meet the challenge of feeding the world over the next 40 years.  (see )

This Newton’s Apple project sought evidence and opinions on the scientific basis of regulations affecting crop production and the impact they have on farming practice and to understand the need for scientific evidence to inform future policy and regulation. Views were sought  from researchers in agriscience from Academia and Industry, from farmers and others involved in food production and from regulators in the UK and EU.


Cancer Vision 2025: The Science Pathway to Effective Treatments and Services

Newton’s Apple called for evidence from stakeholders including Government, regulators, funding bodies, academic researchers, cancer charities, industry and others. It invited them to offer ideas on future issues in cancer research and to develop solutions to address these potential problems.

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Newton’s Apple responds to HEFCE consultation

As part of the Newton’s Heirs Programme, Newton’s Apple submitted a response to the recent Higher Education Funding Council for England consultation on the proposed new Research Excellence Framework.

Cancer Innovation: Delivering Innovative Cancer Diagnostics and Treatments to Patients

Newton’s Apple called for evidence from stakeholders involved with the research, development and distribution of cancer diagnostics and treatments, the Government, regulatory bodies and the NHS, as well as patient groups, clinicians, nurses and others, and invited them to offer solutions to address issues involved in the delivery of innovative diagnostics and treatments for patients.

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