Science Policy Explained and Explored

This booklet accompanies the Newton’s Heirs Workshop, ‘An Introduction to Science Policyand provides a brief introduction to the field of the science policy.


  • What is Science Policy?
  • Government Structure
  • Science in Government
  • Science in Parliament
  • Other Organisations Involved in Science Policy
  • Methods of Communicating Science into Policy

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How Policy is Made

This booklet also accompanies the Newton’s Heirs Workshop, ‘An Introduction to Science Policy’ (see above) and provides an account of the governmental and parliamentary processes by which policy decisions are made and given effect through law-making.


  • Introduction
  • The Government and creation of Policy
  • A Bill is born
  • The Bill goes Forth
  • The Bill in the House of Lords
  • The Bill becomes Law
  • What happens when there is disagreement?
  • When MPs  take the initiative  –
  • Private Members Bills
  • Early day motions
  • Select Committees
  • The Climate Change Act 2008 – A “Policy Process” case study
  • Where are the opportunities to contribute to policy formation?
  • From Policy into Law – A Road Map

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An Introduction to Policy Making in the European Union

This booklet supplements  the Newton’s Heirs Workshop, ‘An Introduction to Science Policy’ (see above) and provides an brief introduction to the structure and working of the EU and the policy and law making processes in the Union.


  • Introduction
  • The Nature and authority of the European Union
  • The Institutions of the European Union
  • The Law making in the European Union
  • Science and Technology in the European Union
  • Can scientists have an influence on EU Policy and Law-Making?
  • Appendix  – How to find out what is going on in the EU

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A Directory of Useful Science Policy Websites

This contains the web addresses of organisations involved in the policy making processes.  These include: The Main Government Departments with a responsibility for, or an interest in, science; Other Governmental, Parliamentary and related bodies with an interest in Science;  The Research Councils; Parliamentary Select Committees; Trade Associations and other bodies; and, Learned Societies, Royal Colleges and Academies. This Directory accompanies the  Newton’s Heirs workshops.

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