Cancer 2025: The Science Pathway to Effective Treatment and Services

Newton’s Apple created a neutral forum for stakeholders in cancer research, treatment, and policy to debate and propose actions to optimise cancer research, treatments and services in 2025.  The Conference resulted in a report which sets out a vision of cancer treatments and services in 2025.  The report puts forward innovative recommendations for concrete actions by Government, regulators, funding bodies, industry and other stakeholders, as well as suggesting areas for further investigation and stakeholder consultation.

Cancer Innovation: Delivering Innovative Cancer Diagnostics and Treatments to Patients

This conference followed on from the success of the first Newton’s Apple cancer project, Cancer Vision 2025. It was organised for stakeholders involved with the research, development and distribution of cancer diagnostics and treatments, the Government, regulatory bodies and the NHS, as well as patient groups, clinicians, nurses and others, to identify how greater uptake of innovative diagnostics and treatments could be achieved for the benefit of patients.

Project Faraday

Project Faraday aimed to support excellent, interactive science teaching and learning by developing inspirational ‘exemplar’ designs for science provision. Project Faraday worked to:

Inspire and inform

building projects;

Support the drive to improve attainment levels in science and encourage more young people to take science at higher levels;

Fully reflect the requirements of the new science curriculum; and

Explore the ways in which the whole school building and its grounds can contribute to learning science.

Supporting the understanding of scientists and the Scientific Method in schools.

Thanks to funding provided by the The Armourers and Brasiers’ Gauntlet Trust, and with the help of some enthusiastic young interns, Newton’s  Apple has produced a package of material “Understanding Scientists and how they work”  which is aimed at school children and aims to help them understand why Science. Engineering and Technology is important in today’s world.  It takes then though the processes of scientific investigation and discovery, explains the scientific method. It helps them to understand how evidence is obtained from experiments and observations to test the validity of a particular hypothesis leading to it establishment or rejection.  It also explains issues such the understanding of hazard and risk in assessing the safety of new developments. The main body of the material is supported by of examples of how scientists have brought benefit to Society and case studies to help understand the development of scientific knowledge and political decisions on its use are made.