News Features and Articles

Since the launch of Newton’s Apple several articles have been written about the organisation and its aims and the programmes it has run:

Ben Goldacre (medical doctor and founding member of Newton’s Apple) wrote about the launch of Newton’s Apple on his own website.

In the March 2008 edition of the Institute of Physics’ Interactions newspaper, the honorary president of Newton’s Apple, Ian Gibson MP writes about the importance of improving the ‘science-into-policy’ process for the public benefit, and the role that Newton’s Apple can play in achieving this.

The ‘Cancer Vision 2025’ report. Was covered by  the Times Higher Education supplement, by the British Council online bulletin  Science Insight  and by Research Research, the online ‘newspaper for the research world’.

The Newton’s Heirs programme was introduced on the Nature Networks scientific forum in May, 2007.

Reports on ‘Delivering Innovative Cancer Diagnostics and Treatments to Patients’  appeared in the PharmaTimes, The Guardian and the Times.

A Bridge over Troubled Water – An article introducing Newton’s Apple to parliamentarians, written by Mia Nybrant and Michael Elves (respectively, Director and Chairman of Newton’s Apple), was published in the Spring 2008 Edition of Science in Parliament ( Volume 65, page 4)

“Building Bridges – laying down some foundations” by Dr Michael Elves appeared in the Spring 2011 issue of Science in Parliament. Volume 68,  page 26)

“Political Science” by Dr Ian Gibson was published in the Times Higher Education Supplement on the 15th December 2011.

“What is the scientist’s role in society and how do we teach it?” Michael W Elves, chairman of Newton’s Apple and Ian Gibson, it’s president, talk science and society on the Guardian Higher Education Network blog, November 2013.