Cancer Science Projects

Cancer 2025: The Science Pathway to Effective Treatment and Services

Newton’s Apple created a neutral forum for stakeholders in cancer research, treatment, and policy to debate and propose actions to optimise cancer research, treatments and services in 2025.  The Conference resulted in a report which sets

out a vision of cancer treatments and services in 2025.  The report puts forward innovative recommendations for concrete actions by Government, regulators, funding bodies, industry and other stakeholders, as well as suggesting areas for further investigation and stakeholder consultation.

To read the report, Cancer Vision 2025 please click here.

Cancer Innovation: Delivering Innovative Cancer Diagnostics and Treatments to Patients

This conference followed on from the success of the first Newton’s Apple cancer project, Cancer Vision 2025. It was organised for stakeholders involved with the research, development and distribution of cancer diagnostics and treatments, the Government, regulatory bodies and the NHS, as well as patient groups, clinicians, nurses and others, to identify how greater uptake of innovative diagnostics and treatments could be achieved for the benefit of patients.

The resulting report puts forward a series of recommendations for the Government, academia, industry, regulatory bodies, healthcare professionals, research funders (including the cancer research charities), and other key stakeholders, for the improvement in delivering innovative diagnostics and treatments to cancer patients.

To read the report, Delivering Innovative Cancer Diagnostics and Treatments to Patients please click here.