About Newton’s Apple


Newton’s Apple Think Tank was founded as a Company Limited by Guarantee in October 2006. It was founded by a group who recognised the need for a better understanding between scientists and those making policies which depend on, or should be informed by, good scientific evidence.  Newton’s Apple obtained charitable status in November 2007. Its name was changed to Newton’s Apple Foundation Ltd in 2011.

It is the only neutral and non-partisan UK charity with a specific focus on science policy for the public benefit. The organisation aims to improve the process by which science is fed into policy, and the ways in which Government, businesses, charities and other bodies analyse, evaluate and use science to inform better policies. These aims are encapsulated in a collection of Vision Essays contributed by eminent persons from academia, Parliament, industry and business.

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To promote science, engineering and technology for the public benefit in the UK by:

  • Providing a neutral forum in which scientists, engineers and technologists can engage and share knowledge amongst themselves and others so as to:
  • increase knowledge and understanding amongst the public of the practical application of science, engineering and technology and
  • increase the contribution of the practical benefits of science, engineering and technology to the development of policy solutions in relation to issues and topics affecting the public in the UK.
  • Examining issues and topics relevant to the practical application of science, engineering and technology in the UK and the dissemination of the useful outcomes of those examinations.


Newton’s Apple offers a neutral platform for scientists, engineers and technologists to interact with other stakeholders in society to increase the understanding of the underlying principles and methodologies, the societal contexts and the potential uses of science and novel technologies.  The role of Newton’s Apple is to act as a translator between the scientific and the policy-making communities thereby increasing the mutual understanding.


Through research and stakeholder consultation, Newton’s Apple produces and publishes robust reports made fully available to the public.  Through interactive workshops Newton’s Apple encourages younger scientists to understand the processes of policy making and to engage in them as contributors of scientific evidence and insights.